We nurture cutting-edge technologies to improve lives and generate returns

02 Firm Pillars

The Values That Drive Our Approach

Generating Returns

We integrate established practices with technological innovations to drive superior financial performance.

We turn vision into reality by combining time-tested processes and progressive practices to generate long-term results. From identifying and funding promising healthcare companies through Santé Ventures, to the systematic use of artificial intelligence at Santé Capital, everything we do reflects our technology-first approach to achieving superior fund performance for a brighter future.

Improving Lives

We spark scientific breakthroughs that enhance people’s lives, using advanced investment practices to generate returns for our business partners and investors.

Better investing creates a better world. That is why Santé Ventures leads entry rounds for innovative healthcare and life science companies that are well-positioned to improve patient outcomes.

Unleashing Talent

We don’t just hire the best talent. We cultivate communities of brilliant, visionary individuals and ignite their potential to change the world.

Santé believes the future belongs to the brave and the bold. That is why we create powerful communities of exceptional talent in every part of our business – from the associates we hire to the entrepreneurs and investors we partner with. Our far-reaching networks amplify their passion and ability to change the world.

Advancing Technology

We invest in the most innovative technologies poised to improve people’s lives, providing capital to create scientific breakthroughs and assure a more secure financial future.

In addition to discovering new technologies, Santé innovates and activates them. We obsessively scan the emerging tech landscape for concepts that will produce the greatest impact in medtech, biotech and healthtech. Internally, we harness the immense potential of artificial intelligence to break new barriers and strengthen the performance of our equity investment portfolio.

Pursuing Excellence

We exceed expectations through agile adaptation and rigorous pursuit of excellence in our performance.

At Santé, our excellence is your advantage. We exceed expectations in order to realize your vision in ways no other firm can. We assemble teams of exceptional talent and maintain a culture committed to continuous improvement that ultimately produces optimal results for the firms we fund, the portfolio partners we support and the companies in which we invest.

03 History

Seeing and Securing the Future

Santé has grown since inception in 2006 by following a technology-driven approach to uncovering new investment opportunities, deploying risk capital, and delivering attractive returns.