We Work With Healthcare Entrepreneurs And Technologies to Invent the Future of Patient Care

01 Healthcare Industry

Building companies of consequence

Using our extensive healthcare network to identify market dislocations, Santé seeks out disruptive technologies and entrepreneurs across the Biotech, Medtech, and Healthtech landscape to form and fuel the next generation of companies that deliver better healthcare outcomes for patients with fewer total dollars spent.


Harnessing biological processes to develop novel therapies against the world’s most complex disease burdens.


Developing care-focused solutions and breakthrough treatments to save lives in therapeutic areas where the human cost is high and rising.


Backing and scaling innovative diagnostic, monitoring, preventative and therapeutic technologies that lower treatment costs and improve patient outcomes.

02 Healthcare Expertise

Equipped With Rich Industry Experience

Santé’s investment team offers a broad mix of business development, venture investing, and healthcare industry expertise. With over a century of combined relevant experience, our firm is well-positioned to form, capitalize, and scale biology, medicine, and information companies.


Strong relationships, coupled with exit experience, with universe of potential acquirors

Leading Institution &<br/>Policy Advisory
Leading Institution &
Policy Advisory

Advisors to the nation’s leading healthcare institutions, enabling a comprehensive view of the largest problems facing the industry

Health System &<br/>Policy Advisory
Health System &
Policy Advisory

Leadership of multi-billion-dollar delivery systems, advisory roles across prominent payors, and a strategic LP base

Clinician Workflows
Clinician Workflows

Management of large physician organizations, enabling an understanding of the complexities of clinical pathways, referral patterns, and medical society priorities.

Patient Care
Patient Care

Clinical care experience, enabling real-world knowledge of patient/consumer needs

Science, Biology,<br/>And Medicine
Science, Biology,
And Medicine

Scientific leadership and technical understanding across Biotech, Medtech, and Healthtech

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