Innovative Science and Technology Are At The Heart of Everything We Do


Tech-Driven Investing

Early adoption with the earliest adopters

We believe scientific understanding and technological advances are key to improving living standards for people today while also sustaining resources for generations to come. We build venture-backed companies to develop and commercialize innovative new technologies, and we leverage our own cutting-edge information and financial technologies to identify and pursue investment opportunities.

Teaching Machines to Read

Santé’s public equity strategy, Santé Capital, follows a systematic quantitative strategy that is built using MindRank™, our proprietary big data, machine learning, and natural language processing software complex.

Separating Signal from Noise

We constantly search for novel data ingestion and analysis techniques that provide valuable insight into market opportunities and technological dislocations.


Technologies of Interest

Tomorrow's Technologies, Today.

Our team of scientists, technologists, and investment professionals scours the world for new breakthroughs and novel applications in health, information, and finance.

Artificial Intelligence



Data Science

Medical Technology

Quantified Self


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