Dallas-Based Healthcare IT and Financial Company Uses Technology to Help Improve Transparency for Everyone

Using technology and in-house solutions, REVELOHEALTH™ is changing the game for transparency in healthcare.

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, June 6, 2023/ — Designed to sit at the intersection of managed care, payer contracting, and revenue cycle management, REVELOHEALTH™ has been innovating the financial and analytical side of our healthcare system since 2020. Partnering with essential technology services, their goal is to provide full transparency for everyone in the healthcare delivery spaces, effectively leveling the playing field between payers and providers.

With the help of pivotal IT services, Dallas-based REVELOHEALTH continues to revolutionize the healthcare system by providing solutions that go above and beyond the standard. Backed by employees with over 200 combined years of provider and payer operational experience, REVELOHEALTH reduces the cost of collection, improves the upfront transparency between healthcare price and payments, and converts real-time healthcare data into actionable information for an integrated approach via claims pricing technology. This is a groundbreaking approach to the ways our healthcare system intersects for payers and providers. Beyond their combination of outstanding expertise and client transparency, their continued utilization of technology has allowed them to connect and streamline their goals across the board.

“It’s absolutely necessary for us to bring technology like virtual desktops to our offshore groups. We want those folks to be integrated into our environment so we can ultimately create continuity and build relationships with our clients and vendors. That would be impossible without some of the IT tools we’re implementing,” Kirk Shankle, REVELOHEALTH’s Vice President of Technology says.

REVELOHEALTH relies on solutions like Nerdio, a Microsoft Azure solution provider which moves business’ on-premise data to a more cost-effective cloud environment. Not only does it save time and money, but Nerdio’s virtual desktop integrates REVELOHEATLH’s offshore groups into their cloud environment so they can maintain complete operational efficiency. Furthermore, to accommodate their offshore groups’ needs, they employ around-the-clock support for any problems that might occur. By utilizing 24-hour support through a third-party IT company, REVELOHEALTH does not worry about internal on-call support teams. Such efficiency contributes to why their repricing tool, REPRICITY®, can boast a 98% first pass accuracy rate and a 100% automated claim repricing with complete claim reconciliation. REVELOHEALTH also depends on Managed Services through Centre Technologies to enhance their data protection and maintain compliance requirements.

“In the long run, that’s probably going to be one that saves us the most time and effort,” says Shankle. “Their 24-hour support services streamline our connectivity and help us meet further compliance requirements so we can increase client size and capacity to serve them efficiently and effectively.”
REVELOHEALTH believes these technology inclusions are at the foundation of their company’s goals, including their focus on financial analytical knowledge of the revenue cycle management, claims, and contracts.

When asked how technology intersects with their solutions’ success rates, Director of Marketing, Shelby Sessions intimates that “there is a lot of technology to help drive the analytics and reporting side of our company. IT and analytics work hand in hand. It’s important to stay ahead of things and we definitely could not do that without pairing our solutions with technology.”

Services provided by REVELOHEALTH include their repricing tool, REPRICITY, as well as eRCM™, ouran end-to-end revenue cycle management service, iSTACK™, a real-time claims and operational reporting system, and ONECARECOST™, a point of care estimation price solution that is currently in its early developmental phases. They also tout an in-house, multifaceted CALIBRATE service that conducts assessments of your managed care contracts (aCALIBRATE™), actively model of your contracts to leverage negotiations with payers (mCALIBRATE™), and provides a real-time integrity report of your contracts based upon payer behaviour (iCALIBRATE™). All three features are developed in-house. Using their aCALBIRATE analytics system, provider client valuation at initiation of REVELOHEALTH engagement was found to be at 107% of Medicare. Through active contract negotiations and modeling consultation with their payer services team driven by analytics and proposal modeling, the contract value increased to 123% of Medicare. Furthermore, REVELOHEALTH continues to produce top quality solutions that reduce cost collection for everyone.. When clients implement and deploy their eRCM services, it has resulted in $6MM of total Accounts Receivable (AR) worked and over 20% collected within 30 days. Additionally, their eRCM services have increased a client’s Relative Value Unit (RVU) by $15.60, totaling 32% improvement.

These systems are dependent upon the protection, compliance, and support provided by REVELOHEALTH’S technology partners and investments.
With the help of such technology services, REVELOHEALTH will continue their diligence in reducing the cost of collection, improving price & service transparency, and creating actionable information at the intersection of payer claims operations and provider revenue cycle management.

REVELOHEALTH is a healthcare information company that is strongly dedicated to reducing the cost of collections for all participants in our healthcare delivery system. Our commitment extends to both payers and providers, and we strive to make a positive impact on the financial aspect of healthcare. Our product, REPricity, is an innovative and powerful tool for medical claim re-pricing. It not only facilitates the repricing of medical claims, but also provides valuable insights through payer analytics and data mining, ultimately leading to enhanced quality of patient care. By combining healthcare contract management, information transparency, and revenue cycle management solutions, REVELOHEALTH offers real-time, actionable information at the intersection of managed care and revenue cycle management. Our goal is to empower stakeholders with the tools they need to optimize their operations and improve the overall efficiency of the healthcare system.

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