LDR confirms its strong Asian presence with the creation of LDR China

AUSTIN, Texas- March 6, 2007—LDR announced the creation of LDR China to further its global presence and to capitalize on the growing Asian market for innovative spinal solutions. The new offices in Beijing, China reinforce LDR’s long standing commitment to serve as a global spine company.

LDR now has major offices in Europe, North America and Asia and is selling its products around the world. The company will continue to establish corporate offices in geographic areas that it deems strategically important in supporting continued global growth.

Christophe Lavigne, president and CEO of LDR Holdings observes, “The Asian market is an important and growing area for medical device companies. China is emerging as a strategically strong position in healthcare consumption and we see it as being especially critical for the spinal industry. We are proud to enter this market and look forward to a long term relationship with Chinese surgeons and their patients.”

Professor Zhao DingLin, the Chairman and Professor of DingLin Orthopedic Surgery at the Shanghai East Hospital, Tongji University has been involved in the spine industry for over 30 years. Professor DingLin is also a China National Delegate, SICOT and additionally the Chairman of the Shanghai Spinal Research Association. Professor DingLin comments, “We were impressed with LDR and its products because of the innovation they incorporate into everything they do. While the Mobi-C® cervical artificial disc, that lends itself well to multi-level applications, initially attracted us to LDR, we subsequently found the company’s other fusion and non-fusion technologies were equally innovative. It is also important for us to be involved with a global company that is committed to building long term relationships with surgeons.”

Mr. Lavigne concludes “LDR is a global spine company offering a range of fusion and non-fusion products for spine surgeons. We sell our products in over 26 countries and work with great surgeons from many different parts of the world. We are passionate about the spine industry and will continue to build a total solutions spine company working closely with the surgeon community.”

About LDR

LDR works closely with surgeons to develop implantable spine systems and instrumentation that restore optimum stability and mobility to patients and to make spine surgery more reproducible and easier to perform. More information is located at

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