Protein Discovery Launches New Fractionation Kits for the Gelfree(TM) 8100 System at ABRF Conference

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee — 03/22/10 — Protein Discovery, a leading developer of innovative sample preparation solutions for protein research, today announced the introduction of a new line of cartridge kits for its popular Gelfree™ 8100 Fractionation System. The new fractionation kits provide research scientists with the ability to perform molecular weight-based fractionation with liquid phase recovery over various target mass ranges.

Included in the offering are three new cartridge kits. The Low Mass Cartridge Kit is tailored to provide maximum separation resolution of proteins with a molecular weight less than 60 kDa, which is specifically useful in the area of “top-down” protein analysis using mass spectrometry. The Mid Mass Cartridge Kit provides separation across the mass range 3.5 kDa – 150 kDa, which spans over 95% of the predicted proteome of most biological systems. The High Mass Cartridge Kit is specifically designed for targeted enrichment of intact biotherapeutics, providing resolution in the mass range of 60 kDa – 300 kDa.

“These new cartridge kits allow Gelfree 8100 users to target a specific molecular weight range that best suits their application,” stated Jeremy Norris, PhD, vice president of research and development for Protein Discovery. “The kits were designed with input from leading protein research scientists in application areas ranging from discovery proteomics to pharmaceutical biotherapeutic characterization.”

All Gelfree 8100 Cartridge Kits include ready-to-use fractionation cassettes for processing up to eight samples in parallel, as well as pre-formulated sample and running buffers. Using the new line of consumables, research scientists are able to load over 5 times more protein than with a standard 1D gel, while recovering proteins in solution for intact protein characterization, isoform determination, and in-solution digestion. The cartridge kits have an extended shelf life of six months from the date of purchase.

For more information on the new Gelfree™ 8100 Cartridge Kits, visit or call +1-866-670-9038.

About the Gelfree™ 8100 Fractionation System

The Gelfree™ 8100 Fractionation System partitions complex protein mixtures into user-selectable, liquid phase molecular weight fractions. Using the device, protein mixtures are separated through specialty gels on the basis of electrophoretic mobility and eluted fractions are entrapped in solution “gel-free” for easy recovery with a pipette. Over 500 ug of total protein may be loaded on each channel of the eight-channel Gelfree cartridge and up to eight channels may be run in parallel, generating up to 30 fractions per channel, in less than 90 minutes. Applications of the system range from protein identification and quantification in biomarker discovery to antibody purification in biotherapeutic characterization.

About Protein Discovery

Protein Discovery, Inc. is a privately held life sciences company that develops, markets and sells innovative sample preparation products for the measurement of proteins. Our products help academic, biotechnology and pharmaceutical scientists advance their protein research and biotherapeutic development by enabling more sensitive, more accurate, and faster analyses. PPS Silent® Surfactant is a patented detergent that replaces conventional protein extraction and solubilization detergents that either interfere with mass spectrometry or cause other problems in use at the lab bench. The Gelfree™ 8100 Fractionation System is a patent-pending system that provides molecular weight-based fractionation of intact proteins with liquid phase recovery. And the Passport® 1200 Sample Prep System provides enrichment of peptides for high-throughput quantification applications. For additional information, please visit

Andrea Mravca
Protein Discovery, Inc.

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