Reimagine Care Secures Strategic Investment from Oncology Ventures

NASHVILLE, Tenn.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Reimagine Care, the nation’s leading provider of virtual-first cancer care, has announced an investment from Oncology Ventures, a cancer-focused venture capital fund. This investment marks a significant milestone in the combined pursuit of innovative and patient-centric approaches to cancer care delivery.

Oncology Ventures, renowned for its commitment to advancing oncology care and patient outcomes, recognizes the transformative potential of Reimagine Care. The investment will facilitate the development and expansion of Reimagine Care’s product development and commercial acceleration.

“We are excited and honored to share the news of this investment from Oncology Ventures, an organization that joins in our commitment to pushing the boundaries of healthcare innovation,” shares Dan Nardi, CEO of Reimagine Care. “This collaboration aligns with our goal of seeking out partners that prioritize the well-being of patients, including accessibility and overall satisfaction of care. We believe this investment will make a meaningful impact on the way cancer care is experienced, from both a patient and a physician perspective.”

Ben Freeberg, Founder and Managing Partner of Oncology Ventures shares, “Reimagine Care aligns perfectly with Oncology Ventures’ thesis on better utilizing data and technology to improve patient outcomes and experience, while reducing costs for key industry stakeholders. We are excited to partner with Dan and the Reimagine Care team as they continue to work with leading institutions, like City of Hope and The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, and additional strategics, helping to provide true value-based care.”

Reimagine Care is at the forefront of leveraging technology and data-driven insights to create highly efficient and personalized healthcare solutions. By combining Oncology Venture’s commitment to the advancement of healthcare through innovative technologies with Reimagine Care’s visionary approach to cancer care delivery, this partnership aims to drive meaningful change in the industry.

About Reimagine Care: We believe people living with cancer deserve a better patient experience; to feel their best and to spend as much time as possible with the people they love, doing the things that bring them joy.

Reimagine Care integrates clinical oncology experts and robust, enabling technologies to deliver a high-touch, individualized cancer treatment and recovery experience from home. This holistic approach relies on the combination of empathy and knowledge of our clinical care team with our thoughtfully designed and easy-to-use platform.

Our vision and our approach fuel the delivery of high-quality, safe, home-centered, coordinated cancer care that makes care more patient-centric, accessible, affordable, and the first choice for patients everywhere.

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About Oncology Ventures:

Oncology Ventures is an early-stage VC fund investing in data start-ups that enhance cancer care and research.

In addition to Reimagine Care, they’ve made four investments to date: VivorCare (survivorship care platform), Gabbi (early detection for breast cancer), Health Universe (AI/ML community for healthcare developers) and Concr (data platform to improve biomarker research).

Oncology Ventures is backed by Cardinal Health, City of Hope, NY Cancer & Blood Specialists, The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders and other strategic partners.

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