Reprieve Cardiovascular secures multimillion dollar financing

Reprieve Cardiovascular, a development stage company focused on pioneering an automated diuretic and fluid management approach for acute decompensated heart failure (ADHF) treatment, announced it has raised a total of US$42 million in series A financing.

The total round was co-led by Lightstone Ventures and Sante Ventures and joined by Deerfield Management, Genesis Capital, and Arboretum Ventures. The funding will advance the company’s clinical and development programmes, including the ongoing FASTR trial and its upcoming pivotal trial.

ADHF is the sudden or gradual onset of the signs or symptoms of heart failure (difficulty breathing, leg or feet swelling, and fatigue) requiring unplanned office visits, emergency room visits, or hospitalisations.

ADHF is caused by a rapid onset of fluid volume overload. Over one million patients a year are admitted with a primary heart failure diagnosis in the USA, and millions more around the world, with an average hospital stay of more than five days.

“Today, the standard of care for heart failure patient fluid removal is diuretics. Originally approved 60 years ago, diuretics remain the primary treatment option but can be difficult to administer optimally without real-time patient information,” said Mark Pacyna, chief executive officer of Reprieve Cardiovascular.

Intended to personalise decongestion management and safely, quickly, and completely remove excess fluid to improve patient outcomes and prevent hospital readmissions, the Reprieve System monitors physiological parameters such as urine output to deliver personalised diuretic dosing and fluid replacement for patients with ADHF.

“Reprieve Cardiovascular is bringing intelligent decongestion management to heart failure patients. The Reprieve System provides physicians and care teams added visibility and control throughout treatment,” Pacyna added.

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