Ashley Seehusen

01 Biography

Ashley is the Chief Operating Officer of Santé Accel, a Santé affiliated company focused on creating and fostering the development of seed stage opportunities as well as a network of entrepreneurial talent.  Through incubation, company formation, talent matching, and extensive coaching, Ashley helps these medtech, biotech, and healthtech companies grow and prepare for larger investment from Santé’s main investment funds.

Ashley has spent 20+ years in the medical device industry; leading teams, setting business strategy, defining new products, and bringing them to commercialization. Prior to joining Santé Ashley was the  CEO and Co-founder of Nasus Medical, a biopharma and medical device combination company that was founded out of her year as a Stanford Biodesign Innovation Fellow.   She has worked for both big companies (Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Stryker Neurovascular) and small (Maya Medical treating Renal Denervation and Barrx Medical treating Barrett’s Esophagus).

Ashley earned a BS from University of California, Berkeley and a PhD from University of Bristol, both in mechanical engineering.  She also has an MBA from Babson College.

02 Q&A
What attracted you to the healthcare and life sciences space?

I've always seen healthcare as a fundamental part of the human experience that profoundly impacts us all. This has led me to work with technologies, companies, and people that improve patient care, change outcomes, and reduce healthcare costs.

What are your three go-to podcasts?

Freakonomics, Reply All, and Stuff You Missed in History Class