Kevin Lalande

Founding Managing Director
& Chief Investment Officer



Kevin Lalande is Founding Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of Santé, a multi-strategy investment partnership. Santé Ventures is a healthcare and life science venture capital strategy founded in 2006 that manages approximately $900M dollars across five funds and 60+ portfolio companies. Over the last 18 years, the partners of Santé Ventures have helped create, build, and finance a valuable portfolio of innovative new healthcare companies, including LDR Medical (Zimmer Biomet), Explorys (IBM Corp), AbVitro (Bristol Myers Squibb), Molecular Templates (Nasdaq:MTEM), Millipede Medical (Boston Scientific), TVA Medical (Becton Dickinson), Claret Medical (Boston Scientific), Farapulse (Boston Scientific), and Laminar (Johnson & Johnson).

Before Santé, Kevin spent seven years as an investment professional with Austin Ventures, a venture capital firm with $4 billion under management. Prior to Austin Ventures, he was a management consultant at McKinsey & Company. Before McKinsey, he founded, built, and sold three internet-based companies in the 1990s.

Kevin received a bachelor’s degree with honors in Electrical & Computer Engineering, an MBA with highest distinction from Harvard Business School, where he was both a Baker Scholar and a Siebel Scholar, and a graduate certificate in Artificial Intelligence from Stanford University.

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What was your first-ever business idea?

When I was 10, I was convinced that soldering solar panels around the base of a lightbulb would recycle light to produce extra electricity, which could then be fed back into the lightbulb to reduce electric bills. It was going to make a million dollars! Alas, after several months and dozens of prototypes, I finally figured out the difference between 100mV DC and 110V AC.

What influential book(s) have you read?

‘The Lessons of History’ by Will and Ariel Durant, ‘Narrative Economics: How Stories Go Viral & Drive Major Economic Events’ by Robert J. Shiller

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