Mariel Bolhouse




Mariel focuses on exploring new investment themes and incubating new companies that could potentially become Series A investments.

Prior to joining Santé, Mariel was a Biodesign Innovation Fellow at Stanford University, where she identified and defined unmet healthcare needs, invented novel technologies to address them, and charted paths to their implementation. Before joining Biodesign, Mariel held several new product development roles at Stryker Neurovascular, a medical device company where she ideated, developed and launched therapies for hemorrhagic and ischemic stroke patients.

Mariel earned her BS in biomedical engineering with honors from the University of Texas at Austin.


What attracted you to the healthcare and life sciences space?

I'm a born engineer intrigued by the body and determined to make people's lives better. Medical device development is my ikigai: the intersection of what I love, what the world needs, what I'm good at, and what I can pursue as a career.

What are your three go-to podcasts?

Hidden Brain, Planet Money, Invisibilia

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