Mateo Vargas




Mateo focuses on exploring new investment themes and incubating new companies that could potentially become Series A investments.

Prior to joining Santé, Mateo was a Biodesign Innovation Fellow at Stanford University, where he focused on identifying pressing unmet healthcare needs and inventing novel solutions to address those needs. Before joining Biodesign, Mateo was responsible for designing and developing future surgical robotic solutions as a Senior Mechanical Engineer at both Verb Surgical and Auris Health.

Mateo earned his BS in mechanical engineering from Stanford University.


What attracted you to the Santé Ventures team?

I have always been passionate about creating and inventing. When I discovered the opportunity to apply that passion towards identifying and creating healthcare innovations that could have a measurable, positive impact in people's lives, I knew I was hooked.

What is something most people don't know about you?

I'm a multi-time sailing US national champion.

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