Mike Johns

01 Biography

Mike is a Senior Data Scientist. Prior to joining Santé, he spent a decade developing trading and market-making strategies for application in the equities and fixed income markets, with experience spanning conception, testing, deployment and live trading.  This included a Senior AI Strategist role with AIM2, the financial technology joint venture launched from SparkCognition by Brevan Howard and Nomura, and time Director Research and Trading at Lake Austin Advisors.

Before working in financial services, Mike conducted research for NetQoS, the IT infrastructure performance management company, where he faced large-scale data analysis problems prior to mature tools being available.

Mike holds a PhD and MSE from the University of Pennsylvania, with a focus on computational models of human decision-making, as well as a BA in computer science from Hiram College.

02 Q&A
What influential book(s) have you read?

I've always been interested in the psychology of human decision-making and how it confounds those attempting to model it. As such, Thinking Fast and Slow became one of my favorite books -- it categorizes the many ways humans aren't what we think we are.

What, in your opinion, is one of the greatest innovations of the 21st Century?

Something that played a big role in enabling machine learning, natural language processing and so much more: virtualization. The ability to have multiple virtual computers sharing the same hardware, blinking in and out of existence on-demand, performing exactly as intended, has allowed anyone with an idea to build and scale it.