The 45 most important VCs in Texas, according to other VCs

They say everything’s bigger in Texas — right now, that also goes for venture capital.

The Lone Star State has become a beacon for tech talent in recent years, with companies like Tesla, Oracle, Palantir, and SpaceX setting up shop in Austin, which became one of the top relocation hot spots for techies during the pandemic.

Eric Epstein, Santé

Notable investments: Wave, BeeKeeperAI

What kinds of startups he invests in: Seed to Series A healthcare companies across three practice areas: biotech, medtech, and healthtech

Why he’s on the list: Epstein spent nearly a decade consulting early-stage healthcare startups with McKinsey & Company. He relocated to Austin, Texas, five years ago, when he joined Santé. He now leads Santé’s healthtech practice.

At Santé, Epstein focuses on disciplined fund sizes that allow for a single winning investment to return all of the capital in a fund without relying on unicorn valuations. He insisted that his entrepreneurs and investors take a hands-on approach to building businesses. “I’m a firm believer that you have to get out of the building and see what customers actually are willing to pay for, not just smart people around a table deciding on a particular strategy,” he said.

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