Universal Protein Extraction Kit From Protein Discovery Exposes the Deep Proteome

KNOXVILLE, TN—August 25, 2010— Contradicting the widely held view that detergents cause irreparable harm to proteomics experiments, Protein Discovery today introduced the UPX Universal Protein Extraction Kit for unbiased, high-yield detergent extraction of proteins from cells and tissues. Unlike other commercially available products for protein extraction, the UPX kit extracts both soluble and insoluble proteins at high efficiency, enabling subsequent analysis of membrane proteins and other hydrophobic proteins. These elements of the “deep proteome” are refractory to extraction and solubilization by conventional methods, and Protein Discovery’s UPX Universal Protein Extraction Kit opens a rich vein of exploratory research opportunity to investigators seeking either to analyze specific insoluble proteins, or to obtain a more encompassing understanding of the proteome.

“We had two goals in mind when we were designing this product,” said Jeremy Norris, PhD, vice president of research and development at Protein Discovery. “The first was to solubilize the whole proteome, including difficult membrane proteins. The second was to give researchers much more protein from their tissues to work with. I would say we definitely succeeded on both counts. I’m really pleased with the way this product performs.”

The UPX Protein Extraction Kit provides high-yield, unbiased protein extraction results from mammalian tissue, mammalian-derived cell lines, bacteria, and other samples commonly used for protein research. Starting material can be frozen or freshly harvested. For additional information about the UPX Protein Extraction Kit, visit, or contact Protein Discovery by calling (865) 521-7400.

Protein Discovery develops and commercializes specialized sample preparation products for protein analysis by mass spectrometry. Headquarters are in Knoxville, Tennessee.

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